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Everyone can communicate powerfully. I will teach you how.


I take the expert techniques of stage and screen along with over 20 years of my own professional acting experience to help a person speak, pitch and communicate with the charisma of a natural-born performer.

Training with me is an entirely practical experience.  All skills are firmly rooted in a business context.

First we work for the QUICK WINS  to help you make immediate improvements to your communication technique.

You will learn:

  • Increased credibility and gravitas.
  • Engaged body language.
  • Dynamic vocal presence.
  • Breath awareness to master delivery.
  • More confident eye contact.
  • Ownership of message.
  • Greater spontaneity.
  • Active listening skills.
  • Mastery of nerves.

Learn to capture an audience from the moment you walk into a room, onto a stage or into a boardroom.

Second, we focus on the BIG WINS that differentiate you from the pack. 

Get the Big Wins right and your impact will rocket.


You will learn to:

  • Speak with authentic power.
  • Captivate others with your vision.
  • Exude your commitment.
  • Convey credibility and purpose.
  • Stay real and true to yourself.  


All the tricks in the world cannot endow you with genuine authenticity. My goal is to firmly connect you to your passion so that whenever you speak, people listen.

My philosophy is clear: With the right mind-set, body language and vocal presence, you can learn to engage your listeners with the same clarity as our top actors. 


Why are an actor’s skills so relevant in a business context?  Simply put, like actors, business people also need to:

  • Tell a convincing story.
  • Communicate that story with passion.
  • Impact how an audience feels.  


Effective communication skills are absolutely essential to business.

I provide private coaching as well as specific communication workshops.

 All my workshops are available in-house and can be tailored to your group’s training needs.

If you’re ready to become a brilliant communicator, let’s talk .

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