I take the very best techniques of stage and screen along with over 15 years of my own personal performance experience to help a person speak, pitch and communicate with the charisma and presence of a natural performer.

My approach is two-pronged.

Firstly, we work for the quick wins. Using my years of acting training and applying clear methodologies, I help you make immediate improvements in your own communication technique.

This can cover a wide range of outcomes including:

  • Increased grounding, credibility and gravitas.
  • More engaged body language with the elimination of distracting nervous habits.
  • Dynamic physical presence and ownership of space.
  • Increased vocal presence with an ability to play with pitch, tone, pace, volume and articulation.
  • Greater breath awareness to harness personal power more effectively.
  • More confident eye contact.
  • The elimination of pre-amble and becoming more direct when talking about complex issues.
  • Ownership of message and less self-apology.
  • Greater dynamism and spontaneity.
  • Flipping nerves into excitement so that they work for rather than against objectives.

I teach you how to capture an audience from the moment you walk into a room, onto a stage or into a boardroom. Without the right mind-set, body language or vocal presence, you can lose an audience in an instant. Timing is crucial as is the confidence to improvise around ‘mistakes’. Having studied both The Method and The Meisner Technique for many years, both renowned acting methodologies, I have at my disposal a myriad of tools to boost your immediate impact and communication prowess.

The second part to my approach is longer term and involves digging deeper to uncover what really matters to you. We find out why you care about what you are saying and use this to reconnect you to your conviction. All the tricks in the world cannot endow you with genuine authenticity. My goal is to firmly connect you to your purpose so that whenever you speak, you create the most unforgettable impact.

If you’re ready to become a brilliant performer and communicator, let’s talk .