This highly experiential masterclass is geared towards teams in the earlier stages of their careers and will focus on building their ability to pitch, present, communicate and relate to key peers in a way that inspires more confidence and trust.

We will focus on growing the very thing that makes your organisation special: it’s people.

We’ll look at the specific presentation and public speaking skills needed to convince and persuade a larger audience of the validity of your brand. We’ll also explore a variety of more intimate scenarios that can include, but are not limited to, smaller client meetings, team meetings, high-pressured negotiations, briefings with key colleagues and any challenging conversation where team players need to win trust, secure partnership and drive ambitious results.

They’ll be plenty of reflective discussion where we share limiting fears and focus firmly on creative solutions. And once we’ve established trust, every participant will be challenged to practice these new ideas, on their feet, so they experience what it actually takes to create the powerful rapport necessary for success.

Underpinning all the training is the idea that each participant knows best what works for them. Each person will be given the rare opportunity, often for the first time, to discover their own “inner leader” as well as the space to experiment with the more dynamic responses that turbo-charge outcomes.

At the end of the training, every single person will leave the room with at least one powerful personal insight to inspire them forward into greater impact.

Working with Amy has been an absolute pleasure – she is thorough, kind, energetic and a true professional. Her sessions are always fully-booked and always leave participants wanting more.”
— India Bailey, Head of Events Programming, Soho House Group

A maximum group of 12 participants ensures a high level of individual attention, coaching and learning.

You’ll learn to:

  • Set your stage as a person of influence in any situation,

  • Channel nerves so they serve rather than hinder,

  • Develop your originality, charisma and spontaneity,

  • Improved presentation and pitching skills,

  • Clarify an exciting vision so others listen,

  • Relate to key partners with greater impact,

  • Ask open-ended questions to forge rapport,

  • Stronger listening skills to tailor your responses more effectively,

  • Sharpen speech and eliminate rambling to get to results faster.

  • Assert necessary boundaries and manage expectations,

  • Master physical & vocal techniques to grow status,

  • Handle “difficult” people with emotional intelligence,

  • Foster curiosity rather than defensiveness in meetings to diffuse tension,

  • Build a luminous presence so you represent your brand with strength.


  1. Pre-training questionnaire to help participants uncover their strengths & weaknesses.

  2. Pre-training calls with Amy to clarify each participant’s needs & challenges.

  3. Post-training 121 coaching sessions to cement accountability & outline further areas for improvement.


This type of training journey that involves accountability as well as personalised support prior, during and after the training day, will help participants solve their blocks to communication in the real-world and put their new-found skills into practice where it matters.