The Radical Collective is a series of intensive Masterclasses designed to get you communicating with the same brilliance as our world-class actors.

You’ll learn powerful techniques to inspired business communication so you can influence important peers into positive action - no matter the pressure or how high the stakes.

If you are not engaging Amy Tez to work with your team to increase their ‘presence’, then you are not differentiating yourself from your competition and you are leaving business on the table.
— Andrew Wood, Organizational Development & Brand Culture, Swarovski North America

Forget run-of-the-mill training. Amy’s work is rooted in dynamic actor technique that gives you the rare opportunity to explore you’re more assertive side - the side that takes risks, dares boldly, steps into the arena and makes the exciting choices that inspire others into partnering with you.

The training is highly practical and focuses on helping you find and build your individual voice so you become authentic, develop edge and finally stand out.

All successful people share one powerful characteristic: drive. They seek out the most effective resources, the most impactful workshops and the most challenging masterclasses along with the best coaches to help them reach and surpass their edge.

Explore Amy’s series of Masterclasses below and we’ll hopefully meet you at a training soon.


An intensive training designed to get you pitching your business with the utmost confidence so you win investment and buy-in.



For those with at least five years leadership experience, this training will help you to refine your own brand of leadership and build exciting new skills to boost your influence and impact.



An experiential training designed for those in the earlier stages of their careers, who want to learn the skills needed to influence and inspire so they can forge powerful connections and represent their brand with strength.



Designed to develop your confidence to present in public with impact. Conquer your nerves with the techniques to communicate with gravitas and presence in a range of situations.



Practise the skills needed to communicate with authority, authenticity and impact. Three levels of training are available, designed to meet the specific challenges faced by women in business today.



Every organisation is different. All trainings can be adapted and designed to meet your company's specific needs. Anything is possible and a range of existing techniques can be combined to create something entirely new to fit your brief.