The Amy tez Approach

Rehearsal + Reflection + Coaching

All of Amy’s masterclasses contain highly experiential elements that allow participants to develop awareness about their impact on others, practice more dynamic behaviours, take risks and receive laser-sharp coaching to turbocharge performance.

Each participant will be encouraged to raise their presence so they inspire others into powerful action and win the results that count.

Working with Amy on our team’s impact and Executive Presence was, and continues to be, an outstanding experience!
— Andrew Wood, Organisational Development , Swarovski North America

Depending on the programme, Amy may use one or more of the following techniques:

  • Safety: Establishing a psychologically safe space where all participants feel secure enough to step out of their habitual selves and experiment with more creative and inspired communication choices. A good balance will be struck between safety and risk so that participants can innovate and keep moving ambitiously forward.

  • Theatre-based Exercises: Elements from solid actor training - including mindfulness, present moment awareness, stage command, strengthening of vocal and physical signals, listening skills, conviction, fun improvisations, spontaneity, inventiveness and flexibility - are all applied to specific business situations in order to build expressiveness, strength and personal power.

  • Strategic Self-Reflection & Brainstorming: Exercises designed to help participants stop, think and breathe before engaging so that they can create alternative more powerful responses. Questions to be asked include: What do I want my listeners to do, think, or feel? What does this person need from me? What information or behaviour would best help make my point? What is my objective, why does it matter (purpose) and how should my values shape my response?

  • Assignments and Missions: Between classes or coaching sessions, participants will be given specific insights to apply to all future opportunities so they can practice new skills and behaviours on the job where it most matters.

The work can be applied to a variety of business-based scenarios including:

  • A pitch, presentation or talk

  • A high-pressured client meeting

  • A tricky internal meeting

  • An important negotiation

  • An appraisal

  • Any off-the-cuff work conversation.

The training is based on the archetypical Hero’s Journey. Every team player is encouraged to set ambitious goals and then challenged to take the creative risks necessary to reach these goals. We learn best in a non-judgemental environment where we feel safe to imagine, dream big, step into the unknown, invent, fail, laugh, embrace our humanity, reiterate and, like a team of actors continually plays with their script, until we create the results that leave us all inspired - and most importantly leave us with a passion to grow even further, both individually and collectively.

The focus is firmly on assertiveness, playfulness, emotional intelligence, listening skills, spontaneity, creativity and genuine connection; all crucial qualities for a hero’s journey into leadership in all its guises.


No acting experience needed: just a sense of adventure and a willingness to dare.