Now is the time to embrace your communication brilliance and what better way to scale your success than through private coaching.


Communication skills are perennially overlooked. Yet how you communicate is the most important skill you can develop. 


Most of what we say is transmitted through our entire physiology and not just our words alone. People subconsciously pay far more attention to how you create rapport and how you come across - no matter what you say.


It all comes down to your level of presence, credibility and conviction.

Are you inspiring others when you talk or are you barely leaving a dent in their psyches? Are you authentic, relatable and strong or do you care too much about the opinions of others thereby weakening your ideas?

We will work on unearthing your individuality and substance so you become a distinctive spark in a world that insists on mediocrity. You’ll speak more freely, think for yourself, trust your own choices and stand up for your own unique voice in an intelligent and creative way. And the more you can own your sovereignty and “inner leader”, the more others will want to be a part of your exciting story. 

One of the many benefits of private coaching with Amy is that you will experience first-hand her expertise in communication psychology that you can't get anywhere else. Amy will get to know your current process and challenge you beyond your current limits into explosive growth.

She will get you thinking, speaking, presenting and negotiating with the utmost strength.

Working with Amy has helped me breakthrough not only my stage fright, but find my personal voice for presenting myself in all important business scenarios. I speak more clearly and I command greater authority.
I have been recommending highly Amy to our clients too & have seen powerful transformations in their presentations!
— Cecile Baird, Founder of Decentrl.Agency

You can opt to receive Private Coaching in three ways:  

  • In-person in a Central London studio.

  • By Skype.

  • Delivered in-house at your organisation.

All sessions come with 24/7 email support for the duration of the coaching programme.

Ready to try Private Coaching?  - Get a free 1-hour session to get started. In just one powerful session, you will:

  • get clear on what holds you back.

  • determine your grand vision that will inspire you forward.

  • develop a tool kit to get you there.

  • start getting coached straight away.

Amy only has limited space for consulting services at this time. 


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