Now is the time to embrace your communication brilliance and what better way to scale your success than through a private coaching programme.


Communication skills are perennially overlooked. Yet how you communicate is the most important skill you can develop. 


Most of what we say is transmitted through our physiology and not solely through our actual choice of words. People rarely listen to just our words alone. They subconsciously pay more attention to how you create rapport and to how you come across.


It all comes down to your level of presence, credibility, self-belief and passion moment to moment. Passion is a hugely admirable trait that will set you apart. It makes a statement about who you are: someone who will make your success happen with or without another's help. And the more we own our passion, the more others will want to be a part of our success story. 


Ask yourself -  Are you communicating in a way that inspires others, or are you barely making a dent in their psyches? Do you radiate conviction in what you are saying or do you sound flat? 


One of the many benefits of private coaching with Amy is that you will get dedicated 1:1 support, experiencing first-hand her expertise in communication psychology that you can't get anywhere else. Amy will get to know you and your process, identify your unique goals, and propel you past your current limits into explosive growth. She will get you speaking, performing and acting with the utmost confidence and strength.


Private Coaching with Amy is the perfect way to overcome the limits that hold you back so you can enter into a much more powerful mode of communication and performance.


Become credible and unforgettable on stage, in the boardroom and on screen.

The Private Coaching Programme lasts for 8 weeks minimum; longer for those who really want to set the bar high.

You can opt to receive Private Coaching in three ways:  

  • In-person in a Central London studio.
  • By Skype.
  • Delivered in-house at your organisation.

All sessions come with 24/7 email support for the duration of the coaching programme.

Ready to try Private Coaching?  - Get a free 1-hour session to get started. In just one powerful session, you will:

  • get clear on what holds you back.
  • determine your goals and vision.
  • develop a plan of action to get you there.
  • start getting coached straight away.

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