The Radical Collective is a series of intensive Masterclasses designed to get you communicating with the same brilliance as our world-class actors.


"The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood...."  Theodore Roosevelt

All successful people share one powerful characteristic: hunger. They seek out the most effective resources, the most impactful workshops and the most challenging masterclasses along with the best coaches to help them reach and surpass their edge.





The Radical Entrepreneur is a unique, intensive Masterclass designed to get ambitious entrepreneurs, leaders and business executives radically shifting the way they communicate and pitch so that their impact rockets.


This is an opportunity to develop spontaneity, charisma, presence and original thought so that your words inspire your listeners, clients and potential business partners into taking action.


Business-speak can be incredibly dull. When we pitch, present or offer new ideas to our team or audience, we often find ourselves talking at people rather than to them. We repeat the same endless schtick and wonder why no one listens. The result: our words lose impact. We can sound flat and disconnected. Even worse, we loose our audience and miss crucial opportunities for business growth.


The Radical Entrepreneur intensive will get you speaking, pitching, presenting and communicating your business ideas with passion and substance. You will be given the insights to truly engage your listeners so they start to believe in your vision. And you will learn how to tell a compelling story of your business so that you inspire others to jump on board.


You cannot underestimate the power of communication. It's the fuel that rockets your ideas from obscurity to ultimate visibility. It's the engine that drives your business to the highest domain. And it's the bedrock of all successful business stories.


Amy will share her razor-sharp insights to creating radically more powerful communication that will grow your business. No matter who you are talking to, learn what it takes to own the stage, inspire your listeners and make your words land. 

Amy has worked with a multitude of entrepreneurial leaders in London, San Francisco and Istanbul, and has transformed their performance skills so they stand out, influence and connect. 







Women are often at a disadvantage in a male-dominated workplace. It is common for women to feel unheard and unable to push forward in an alpha-driven environment. Yet women can add so much value once they know how to speak up confidently and without needing to repress their powerful feminine qualities. 


This Masterclass is specifically designed to meet the challenges women face today in business. It is aimed at all women in the workplace who may need to learn the skills necessary to drive them forward into further opportunity.


Most women do not realise their enormous potential and fail to recognise that their mindsets are holding them back. Amy will firmly connect women to their most empowered self so that they speak up with credibility and confidence.


You will learn to:

Empower your voice to effect more influence.

Speak up in high-pressure scenarios.

Use your body language to convey confidence.

Own your space.

Communicate a greater conviction in your ideas.

Equalise the playing field so you feel more in control.

Remain open and creative without loosing status.


You will leave the Masterclass with increased resilience, a greater ability to step into the spotlight and an improved self-belief.