The Radical Collective is a series of intensive Masterclasses designed to get you communicating with the same brilliance as our world-class actors.

You’ll learn powerful techniques to inspired business communication so you can influence important peers into positive action - no matter the pressure or how high the stakes.

"The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood...."  Theodore Roosevelt

All successful people share one powerful characteristic: hunger. They seek out the most effective resources, the most impactful workshops and the most challenging masterclasses along with the best coaches to help them reach and surpass their edge.





The Radical Entrepreneur is a uniquely experiential masterclass designed to get ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders radically shifting the way they pitch so that their impact rockets.

This is an opportunity to develop conviction, clarity, presence and that rare commodity - authenticity.


The Radical Entrepreneur intensive looks at how we come across when we pitch, how we actually "sell" our ideas and how we handle difficult objections. The aim is to strengthen our credibility so we push less and win more.

You will learn to:

  • Own your physical space.

  • Speak assertively and convincingly.

  • Listen actively to forge rapport.

  • Stay poised when challenged.

  • Tell a compelling story of your business idea.

  • Capture imagination and win trust.


You cannot underestimate the power of communication. It's the fuel that rockets your ideas from obscurity to ultimate visibility. It's the engine that drives your business to the highest domain. And it's the bedrock of all successful business stories.

Particpants will practice their pitches on the day and receive laser-focussed feedback on how they can empower their communication to grow their business.

No matter whom you are talking to, learn what it takes to own the stage, inspire your listeners and ensure your words finally land. 


Amy has worked with a multitude of entrepreneurial leaders and established tech accelerators in London, San Francisco, Berlin, Munich and Istanbul, and has transformed their communication skills so they stand out, influence and connect.







The Leadership Voice is dynamic leadership training for ambitious business executives who want to inspire confidence, breed trust, drive engagement and win results. 

Through discussion, storytelling, presentations and fun role-play based exercises, we become aware of the behaviours that hold us back and practice the more powerful behaviours needed to influence our peers into positive action - no matter the circumstance.

Like a leading actor owns the stage, we too will learn how to own important business scenarios; be it a high-stake meeting, appraisal, team briefing, difficult business conversation, tricky negotiation or more formal pitch or presentation.

You’ll be encouraged to aim high, get on “purpose”, trust your ideas, listen actively and develop personal edge so you can raise your performance game. 

In sum, we will be practicing what it takes to become an inspiring leader on the corporate battlefield.





The Presenter
masterclass focuses purely on sharpening your presentation skills and is aimed at executives, entrepreneurs and creatives who need to deliver effective talks, speeches and presentations to win more business.

We look at nerves and learn exactly how to channel this useful energy into a more powerful expression of our communication. We prioritise spontaneity, aliveness, originality and self-empowerment over a scripted and inhibited delivery.

We also look at our use of language and efficacy of words to convey a clearer message. We learn how to go “off-script” so we sound more believable and authentic, and we practice connecting to our audience through convincing storytelling.

Just like a great actor inhabits their role with every fibre of their being, we too will learn to inhabit our presentations with our fullest, most dynamic self.

And through inspiring our own imaginations, we learn to bring even the dullest business presentations to life.



This fun masterclass focuses on developing assertiveness for junior and mid-level teams so they learn to have much more impact as they rise in seniority. 

Unlike other communication workshops, this training is rooted in solid actor technique, giving participants the space to challenge limiting patterns of behaviour and instead express exciting new responses to high-stake situations so they turbo-charge results.

To facilitate this change, we must become aware of our assumptions about our selves as well as others so we can learn to turn perceived adversaries into fellow team players. 
The ultimate aim will be to communicate more powerfully so that we can keep on rising towards an ambitious vision. 

Amy will share her refreshing no-nonsense insights on how to be more daring, how to embrace more risk and how to practically break through any barriers so you discover your inner badass and finally become a force to contend with.

The insights learned are applicable to a variety of business settings such as: high-pressure meetings, appraisals, negotiations and conversations with peers that pose potential conflict. 







Women are often at a disadvantage in a male-dominated workplace. It is common for women to feel unheard and unable to push forward. Yet women add enormous value once they know how to speak up confidently without needing to emulate men or repress their own innate qualities. 


The Women in the Lead masterclass is specifically designed to meet the challenges women face today in business and gives them the skills necessary to drive them forward into further opportunity.


The training is unique in that it gives women the rare opportunity to reframe the beliefs that hold them back and thus empowers them to communicate with more authentic confidence – beyond the narrow definition of male and female.


This training encourages women to become more self-aware so they can expand their choices of expression and develop their own unique human voice to effect positive and powerful change.

You will learn to:

  • Empower your voice to be heard.

  • Speak up confidently in high-pressure scenarios.

  • Use your body language to convey strength.

  • Communicate a greater conviction in your ideas.

  • Equalise the playing field so you feel more in control.

  • Remain open, creative and honest without loosing status.


Many women do not realise their enormous potential. Amy will firmly connect women to their most empowered self so that they speak up with confidence, step into the spotlight and shine.