Mark Attwood, Founder,

As an experienced business presenter, former stage actor and stand-up comedian, I was shocked at how the nerves were getting to me when I was thrown into the deep end and asked to pitch something on a subject I was relatively new to. All reason was disappearing over the hill rapidly, and my experience was counting for nought, when a friend introduced me to Amy Tez. Within an hour of coaching with Amy, I was back on my feet and then some. She gave me oodles of confidence by putting me in some initially uncomfortable situations. She oozes charm, warmth, empathy and kindness. Mix this with a ferocious grasp of her subject matter and I was transformed. My presentation was a million percent better than it would have been without her help, and I urge anyone who feels even the slightest bit unsure of what they are doing in front of an audience to seek her out. Highly recommended. Thank you once again Amy :-)