Stewart Robertson, Chief Economist, Aviva Investors

The mainstream corporate sector tends to be rather dry and conservative. Presentations created in such an environment are therefore often a bit “samey” and traditional.

Amy encouraged me to challenge those standards and helped create something that was more fresh and distinctive. But Amy is not trying to encourage quirky rebellion – she understands the commercial world and recognises the constraints that we face. Her advice and techniques allowed me to move away from some of the more sedate corporate norms and inject some new life into presenting.

She helped me in three clear ways: first by suggesting specific methods and practices; second by injecting the confidence to adopt them; and third by practising the lessons learned with a specialist. The 90 minutes I spent with Amy sped by, but by the end of the session I really believed that I now had the wherewithal to deliver a presentation that would get noticed – for the right reasons!

To anyone planning to speak in public, whether as a presenter, facilitator or similar, I wholeheartedly recommend taking advantage of Amy’s expertise.

There is something incredibly liberating about standing in an office meeting room, shoes off, back against a wall, learning voice projection techniques from Amy. It was impossible not to smile; it was also impossible not to learn a great deal.