Tracey Johnson, Director, Digital Media Centre and TechTown

I lead a network of 11 European cities who are all aiming to grow digital jobs and businesses in their local economy. Throughout the network we’ve focused on how we need to ‘walk the talk’ and make sure that as cities we communicate effectively with, and in the style of, the digital people and companies we want to support. With this in mind we engaged Amy to support our partners to develop their delivery of a ‘pitch’ for their city that would win hearts and minds – and most importantly, investment! During an intensive and long day, Amy shared a huge range of techniques and guidance and she worked closely with everyone to bring out their inner entrepreneur. There was a significant transformation in both style and confidence and the final pitches were fantastic. It was the perfect way to for the cities to communicate the results of two years of hard work, and a new skill they will all take forward into their future projects.