The Leadership Voice
is dynamic leadership training for ambitious business executives with at least five years leadership experience.

Being an influential leader requires much more than learning textbook leadership theory. You will need to master the art of persuasion and develop the skill to inspire confidence in others particularly through times of difficult change.

Through discussion, storytelling, presentations and fun role-play based conversations, we will become aware of the behaviours that hold us back and practice the more powerful behaviours needed to influence our peers into positive action - no matter the circumstance.

Working with Amy has been game-changing and most of all fun. She understands the importance of bringing your whole self to everything you do and that is as much about mindset as it is about physically being able to exceed. A cross between Simon Sinek and Nancy Duarte – Amy can help anyone bring their A-game to their work or personal life.
— Anne-Marie McConnon, Chief Marketing Officer - Investment Management, Bank of New York Mellon

Like a leading actor owns the stage, we too will learn how to own important business scenarios; be it a high-stake meeting, appraisal, team briefing, difficult business conversation, tricky negotiation or more formal pitch or presentation.

You’ll be encouraged to aim ambitiously high, commit to your purpose, take risks, trust your ideas, listen actively and develop your personal edge so you can raise your performance game beyond what you thought possible. 

In sum, we will be practicing what it takes to become a truly inspiring leader on the corporate battlefield.


A maximum group of 12 participants ensures a high level of individual attention, coaching and learning.


You’ll learn to:

  •      Build gravitas,

  •      Command your space,

  •      Master your voice & body language to inspire trust,

  • Use clear language, vocal pace & tone to craft powerful messages,

  • Listening, empathy and emotional intelligence so you become attuned,

  • Pay attention to the non-verbals of others to tailor your response,

  •  Read your listeners so you know what to say & when,

  • Negotiate difficult conversations with more confidence,

  • Techniques to enable you to coach and empower your team,

  • Build lightness of touch, spontaneity & dynamism to inspire others,

  • Encourage innovative thinking,

  • Develop a credible leadership style that fits your personal strengths,

  • Prepare for major leadership events.


  1. Pre-training questionnaire to help participants uncover their strengths & weaknesses.

  2. Pre-training calls with Amy to clarify each participant’s needs & challenges.

  3. Post-training 121 coaching sessions to cement accountability & outline further areas for improvement.

To anyone planning to speak in public, whether as a presenter, facilitator or similar, I wholeheartedly recommend taking advantage of Amy’s expertise.
— Stewart Robertson, Chief Economist, Aviva Investors