To anyone planning to speak in public, whether as a presenter, facilitator or similar, I wholeheartedly recommend taking advantage of Amy’s expertise.
— Stewart Robertson, Chief Economist, Aviva

The Presenter
masterclass focuses purely on sharpening your presentation skills and is aimed at executives, entrepreneurs and creatives who need to deliver effective talks, speeches and presentations to win more business.

We look at nerves and learn exactly how to channel this useful energy into a more powerful expression of our communication. We prioritise spontaneity, aliveness, originality and self-empowerment over a scripted and inhibited delivery.

We also look at our use of language and efficacy of words to convey a clearer message. We learn how to go “off-script” so we sound more believable and authentic, and we practice connecting to our audience through convincing storytelling.

Just like a great actor inhabits their role with every fibre of their being, we too will learn to inhabit our presentations with our fullest, most dynamic self.

And through inspiring our own imaginations, we learn to bring even the dullest business presentations to life.

You’ll learn to:

  • Make a strong and commanding entrance,

  • Bring more of yourself to your presentation,

  • Deliver a message that resonates,

  • Close with powerful effect,

  • Use your breath to calm nerves,

  • Power up your voice to influence and inspire,

  • Convey a strong physical presence,

  • Learn to structure according to your objectives,

  • Explore powerful language to capture imagination,

  • Connect with your audience and sustain their interest,

  • Fearlessly navigate difficult Q&A’s,

  • Deliver a short presentation and receive individual feedback!

A maximum group of 12 participants ensures a high level of individual attention, coaching and learning.