Pitch your business so you mean business

and WIN business.

The Radical Entrepreneur is a uniquely experiential masterclass designed to get ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders radically shifting the way they pitch so their impact rockets.

This is an opportunity to grow your conviction, clarity, presence, influence and that rare commodity - authenticity.

I’ve worked with Amy a couple of times - she’s incredible to work with. As someone who’s been on stage herself, she really gets where companies are coming from and what tension, nerves and anxiety feels like. Amy’s one of the best I’ve ever worked with at drawing out the human narrative from every founder.”
— Eamonn Carey, CEO of Techstars

The Radical Entrepreneur intensive trains you to come across powerfully when you pitch, moving you from “selling” ideas to inspiring others into believing in you, and gives you the expert skills to handle difficult objections with ease.

The aim is to strengthen your credibility so you push less, win more and finally stand out.

You’ll learn to:

  • Signal authority in your domain,

  • Define your target audience and meet core needs,

  • Speak assertively and convincingly,

  • Structure your pitch so you win attention,

  • Simplify and develop clarity of language,

  • Tell a compelling story of your business idea,

  • Be more authentic, spontaneous and exciting,

  • Know the why of your pitch - make every word count,

  • Read your listeners so you forge rapport,

  • Handle difficult objections with confidence,

  • Channel nerves so they serve you rather than hinder,

  • Care less what others think,

  • Create a winning presence!


You cannot underestimate the power of your communication. It's the fuel that rockets your ideas from obscurity to ultimate visibility. It's the engine that drives your business to the highest domain. And it's the bedrock of all successful business stories.

No leading actor would dare set foot on a major stage without having trained their communication skills to the highest level. As entrepreneurs, we too must train our powers of persuasion so we can own any stage, any meeting, any moment - no matter what.

Amy really helped to put our founders at ease, enabling them to put their very best foot forward and ensured that the focus was on their business and pitch content.
— Sarina Patel, Series A Programme Manager, PwC

Participants will practice their pitches on the day and receive laser-focussed feedback on how they can empower their communication to win investment and buy-in.

Amy and her Techstars team in Berlin

Amy and her Techstars team in Berlin

Amy has worked with a multitude of entrepreneurial leaders and established tech accelerators in London, San Francisco, Berlin, Munich and Istanbul, and has transformed their communication skills so they stand out, influence and connect.

Amy Tez is a fantastic coach. For almost two years, Amy has been running a workshop, as part of our Green Light programme, on how to pitch to investors. The startups love her, we love her, and most importantly, the impact she has on the confidence of our startups and their ability to raise seed capital is truly impressive.
— John Spindler, CEO of Capital Enterprise