Relationships are built on trust and credibility. When we speak with more conviction and authenticity, we become that rare breed of human that can scale success. 

Since 2016, Amy has led her Radical Collective series of Masterclasses alongside her Private Coaching with the sole aim of exponentially expanding her clients' impact. Working with ambitious entrepreneurs, leaders, senior executives and creatives, Amy has helped her clients make radical shifts in their capacity to inspire.


the work

Amy's approach is highly unique and geared towards achieving results.

Rooted in over 20 years of performance, professional acting and behavioural psychology, her method will considerably shift the way you approach your most important communications.

The process will help you to uncover your own unique blocks to powerful communication and give you the best tools to step up your game and start influencing the people who really count.

Whether you are pitching your business, negotiating a high-stake meeting, presenting a talk, offering new ideas or leading your team towards a grander vision, you need to become aware of exactly how you come across. You also need to know what specifically limits your impact. And you need to realise your own blind spots.

Once you have this knowledge, you can transform these blocks into incredible power. 

Her work prioritises spontaneity, creativity and originality. Prepare to be challenged and to see yourself in new, more exciting ways. 


When I chose to work with Amy, I didn’t just want to work with someone who was only experienced in coaching people for conference speeches. I wanted to go back to the source of how people communicate. Back to how it’s done in the theatre, by actors who are unparalleled in really telling human stories. That’s why it was a delight and privilege to get her guidance, and a glimpse into a far more compelling way to speak, than simply ‘delivering’ something, as if one was a van driver. Inside only one hour and a half session, I learnt skills in speaking and even breathing that I never knew existed. I learned more in that time than in any other 90 minute period. I would thoroughly recommend her services.
— Mike Butcher, Editor, TechCrunch

What YOU'LL Achieve:

  • How to raise your personal value whenever you speak.

  • How to trust yourself so you inspire others.

  • How to be spontaneous so you sound exciting rather than flat.

  • How to harness your energy into incredible power that gets you results.

  • How to be truly compelling and original whenever you speak

  • How to transcend what anyone thinks so your performance rockets.