Working with Amy has been an absolute pleasure – she is thorough, kind, energetic and a true professional. The response to her women in leadership sessions has been overwhelmingly positive.
— India Bailey, Events, Soho House Group


Women are often at a disadvantage in a male-dominated workplace. It is common for women to feel unheard and unable to push forward. Yet women add enormous value once they know how to speak up confidently without needing to emulate men or repress their own innate qualities. 


The Women in the Lead masterclass series is specifically designed to meet the challenges women face today in business and gives them the skills necessary to drive them forward into further opportunity.


The training is unique in that it gives women the rare opportunity to reframe the beliefs that hold them back and thus empowers them to communicate with more authentic confidence – beyond the narrow definition of male and female.

This training encourages women to become more self-aware so they can expand their choices of expression and develop their own unique human voice to effect positive and powerful change.

Many women do not realise their enormous potential. Amy will firmly connect women to their most empowered self so that they speak up with confidence, step into the spotlight and finally shine.

The training is available in three parts depending on whether your team is junior, management or leadership level.

All trainings have a maximum group of 12 participants to ensure a high level of individual attention, coaching and learning.

And every training includes:

  1. Pre-course assessment to set personal objectives,

  2. Pre-training 121 coaching calls to decipher needs,

  3. Post-training 121 coaching calls to ensure accountability and outline areas for further growth.


Aspiring to reach management level can be daunting for junior level employees particularly in a fiercely competitive working environment.

This highly practical course is designed for women at entry level who need to step into greater confidence as they learn to navigate the complexity of the workplace. The training will take you through the foundations of effective communication including an understanding of the body, breath and voice so that you learn to harness your full potential. You will also learn how to use these skills across many different business scenarios so that you always make an impact.

You’ll learn to:

  • Build confidence,

  • Convey stronger body language signals,

  • Speak up in meetings and present ideas,

  • Listening skills to forge rapport,

  • Self-trust and authenticity,

  • Physical and vocal presence,

  • Clarify exciting objectives for the future.


This training will focus on sustaining your belief in your own ability so that you develop the confidence to operate as an equal at management level.

You will be encouraged to step into the next level of your career with gravitas and conviction so that you are taken seriously and considered to be a voice of influence.

We will look at your current management style including the power of your physicality, voice and language and we’ll learn strategies to upscale these attributes so you can inspire your peers into positive action.

Through reflective discussion and fun role-plays, this training gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself into the more dynamic action that harnesses the talents of both yourself and the employees you wish to lead.


You’ll learn to:

  • Create a more authentic presence,

  • Hone your listening skills to forge rapport,

  • Empower your voice to be heard,

  • Speak with greater purpose so others listen,

  • Eliminate weak language and build clarity,

  • Develop assertiveness and boundaries,

  • Explore how you inspire others,

  • Navigate difficult situations in meetings with greater ease,

  • Deploy strategies that influence people and encourage change.


Senior level communication requires a luminous presence, solid gravitas, strength and a supreme confidence. It also necessitates the ability to withstand dissent and manage conflict.

This comprehensive and rigorous training will develop your ability to be a truly effective leader by learning to communicate with authority, authenticity and a genuine presence that is unrivalled by no other.

Through reflective discussion, challenging exercises and simulated role-play, you will command your space, find your voice and be heard. You will also listen, connect, influence and engage. And you will learn what it takes to rally a team behind a bold vision.

Your originality sits at the core of your ability to communicate authentically and powerfully. This training will nurture and refine your originality so that you bristle with presence and inner strength.

You’ll learn to:

  • Fine-tune your physical and vocal presence,

  • Build on all your successes,

  • Grow your status, gravitas and originality,

  • Interrupt and handle interruptions assertively,

  • Manage difficult people with a lighter touch,

  • Push back confidently and respectfully,

  • Maintain impact in high-pressure scenarios,

  • Develop your emotional intelligence and sensitivity,

  • Handle tough objections with poise,

  • Be open, creative and honest - without loosing status,

  • Explore how strong female leaders display confidence,

  • Discover new strategies to influence others.